Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dirty 30 Sweaty 60

Yesterday our family drove up to Lake Tinaroo for a fun event - the Dirty 30 Sweaty 60.
This is the second year we've participated in this race and will definitely be going back for more next year!

The race is an obstacle course trail run that you do as many circuits as you can in either 30 or 60 minutes.  Our girls did the 'Dirty 30' and Euan and I did the 'Sweaty 60'. This meant that we could cheer each other on in our respective races - and take photos, which was great!

The race started down by the lake shore,

 with running through the water,
clambering over hay bales, 

ducking under tyres in the water 
and a larger hay bale to scale before heading up into the trees and the trail.

The trail then led up and up through the forest on trail and part sealed road, then down to the lake at the other side, where there was a small sand dune to climb up before heading back towards the start again along another short trail through more forest 
and a little on a section of beach strewn with driftwood.

Just before the end of the circuit you came to a choice of monkey bars, or climbing through 3 inflated inner tubes.  

I think most people chose the inner tubes! I certainly did - I don't think my arms can hold me up on the monkey bars these days - maybe something to work on for next year!

The end of the circuit was the most fun part of the whole race - a giant slip and slide. A black plastic slide with water being hosed down it and someone standing at the top squirting washing up liquid on to make you slide better! Awesome fun!

Our girls and their friend all did 2 circuits in their race and Euan and I managed to do 4 laps in our 60 minutes. Exhausting but so much fun!

The girls enjoyed cooling off in the lake afterwards too!

All in all a great race. We're already looking forward to next year's!

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