Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cairns Parkrun

Yesterday I joined in a Parkrun for the first time. Parkruns are 5km runs held all over the world at the weekend. Once you're registered and have your 'barcode' you can join in a Parkrun at any location they run worldwide!

We have one right here in Cairns on the esplanade, on Saturday mornings at 7am.

There was a good turn out of people and a clearly marked nice flat route up and down the esplanade.

It was a hot and humid morning, and I've been struggling with the heat the past couple of days since cooking myself out in the sun at the waterslides with my kids the other day.

My time was 25 mins 35 secs. Not bad in the heat and humidity
 (my best 5km time in winter is 22 mins 58 secs).

There was a bit of a mix up with the tokens being handed out as we crossed the finish line - and I ended up with a number one back from the one I was told and a few seconds slower time on my results.  That doesn't matter though - it's quite amazing that the results were emailed so soon afterwards with all sorts of other info!

Congratulations on completing your 1st parkrun and your 1st at Cairns parkrun today. You finished in 66th place and were the 18th female out of a field of 157 parkrunners and you came 4th in your age category VW40-44.

Not bad for a first Parkrun PB and plenty of room for improvement! I also earned 83 points for my run for this year's Parkrun competition, but I don't think I'll be running it often enough to win anything in the competition!

Have you ever run a Parkrun? Where?


  1. 25 mins, and you think that is slow? are you serious?? my PB is 27:23 and I dont have any hope of improving that any time soon... it's too cold! LOL. So glad you've gone to a parkrun also, although 7am is seriously early... they're at 9am here! I've done 2 now, and will miss the next one as am doing a race, but will hopefully do the one after!

    1. Well 7am isn't so early since my husband (Euan) try to get out and run at 5.30am in summer before it gets too hot! I want to go back and try again at the Parkrun though as I wasn't 100% yesterday. I slept most of the day and suffered in the heat which I don't normally do. I feel fine today so now want to go back and see if I can better my time!! It sounds like we've got the extremes of hot and cold just now - just wait a few months and we'll both be super speedy!! :)