Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cairns 2 Kuranda Train Race 2014 - Race Report

Last Sunday I took part in my 3rd Cairns 2 Kuranda train race.  This is an 18km race up a hill to try and beat the tourist train you can see in the background of the above picture.

Usually this event runs in winter, but due to unforseen events, this year's race took place in the heat of October here in the tropics.

Since the race is against the train, the race start is when the train leaves Freshwater station, which is around 9am.  By this time the sun was beating down out of a clear blue sky and the temperature was already about 32C. It was HOT!

The first part of the run is 5km on the roads. 

It is a nice run and this section of the run is the part I do well in. Just running on the flat!

Once I hit the uphill, that's when I slowed down.

I haven't managed to do a lot of uphill and trail running this year, and I really felt that, together with the heat on the 8 km trail part of the run.

Last year I did this race in 2hrs and 12 mins. This year was over 2 and a half hours, thanks to the heat!

Next year, hopefully this race will be back on in winter - and with more training, I'll be aiming to go under 2 hours!

Till then, I was very happy to find this video someone shot on the race last year.
When you get to around the 2 minute mark, the cameraman is coming up to the finish line - and in front of him you can see someone with a pink t-shirt and black shorts running - that's ME!!

In so far as beating the train is concerned, a handful of male runners have managed this - but as yet, no females. Since the train gets to Kuranda in 1 hour 30 mins, I don't think I'll be the one to break that record any time soon!  But hopefully a lady will beat that train one day!
This is a great trail race in Cairns, so well organised, and despite having a very slow year this time, I was very happy to win a spot prize at the end of some muscle gel!

Lucky me!

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