Sunday, December 21, 2014

I've run 1000km this year!

This year I decided to keep a record of the exercise I did. For running, I wrote down the distance and times of all my runs.
I found this to be really motivating as I could see how much I'd done each month, and I didn't want any month in the calendar to look empty after that!

I highlighted my runs in pink, which then made it easy to add up the distances at the end of each month. Once I started doing this, I saw I was close to 100km one month, so it spurred me on to run a little extra and reach that 100km mark in April! 

Then later in the year I added up each month and realised that I was going to be close to 1000km run over the course of the whole year.
To me that sounds like a lot. It doesn't really mean anything, it is just a number, but quite a large number and I decided to make that my target for the end of the year, to run 1000km in one year.

I just did it!

My husband and kids came with me for a final 3km run yesterday so I could reach that 100km mark.

I'm quite amazed and proud that I've run so far. I don't know what I've run in previous years as I've never kept a record like this.

There are still a few days left in the year and I may run a few more kilometres too!

Do you keep a record of how far you run in a week? month? year?

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