Friday, December 11, 2015

My longest ever run!

Today I finished our week of trail runs with my longest ever run at just over 24 km.
It was tough but fun and so satisfying to finish it.
We ran from Stoney Creek to Kuranda which is the main part of the Cairns to Kuranda Trail race that we run each year.

We parked at Stoney Creek, ran up the hill and along the track to the small town of Kuranda where we'd planned to have a coffee and cake in a nice cafe there, but unfortunately we were too early and it wasn't open. So a pie and Freddo Frog Chocolate from the supermarket had to suffice. We had a nice 20 minute break eating those down by the river, then ran back the way we'd come.

It's a clear, nice wide track.

With plenty of ups and downs!

It was SO nice to have a swim in the creek at the end to cool off and help our muscles recover.
A great run that we will do again sometime - but not for a while!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Green Arrow Trail - Cairns

Today's trail run was to try out the new Green Arrow track in Cairns. We've had the Red and the Blue Arrows for years now, but just in the past few months the Green has been added.  
This new track runs one way from the Blue Arrow track out into a residential area, so we parked in the car park at the end of the track and ran in a loop - first through the houses to the start of the Red Arrow, then up the Red, onto the Blue and finally joined onto the new Green Arrow track at the top of the hill.

The tracks are all well signposted and the new Green track is very clear!

The way we did it meant we went downhill on that section virtually all the way, which is always a nice way to finish a run!

There is an open flat grassy area on the track from where you have a 360 view around Cairns and the surrounding hills.

All in all it was a lovely run, 10 km all together.